Teaching Demo

La enseñanza es el lado motriz de una civilidad [teaching is the source of our civility]: The following 'teaching demos' (with permission from my students) are part of an online course which I taught during summer 2020, "Gramática avanzada [Advanced Spanish Grammar]." Each course is designed to improve students' linguistic and sociolinguistic skills in Spanish. The structure of the course is synchronous conversations and analysis of language. First, I start with the daily course objectives by (i) reviewing the previous class material (thus, activating students' working memory), and by (ii) asking students' contribution in their L2 (here, students get the opportunity to not only retrieve information but also produce/use the target language); after, the class would follow by a small lecture or contextualized and meaningful grammatical analysis, and finally, we would end the class with practice sessions. 

I kindly invite you [the student or the observer] to listen/view any of the class sessions from this course, which characterize (in a global sense) my teaching style, philosophy, and practices. 

View teaching demos here