Following the philosophy and practice from the transformative movement of "open source", I have created material freely available to other students of Spanish (L2, heritage, or native speakers) and educators to use.  

These materials were created with the aim to be pedagogical: Each work was done by students of Spanish, from novice to advanced levels. I cannot be more proud of the outcome, since, for me, this experience was truly 'transformative'. I modeled some of the work here but the vast majority were creative products. 

This corpus includes:

I truly hope that other instructors can generate ideas by using these materials and be inspired by the power of education just as my students and I did. I strongly believe collaborative and independent works in the form of open-source material can change our lives. In this fashion, we [instructors and students] can demonstrate that teaching practices can come in many layers, whether that be in coordination with or by merging two distinct worlds: the classics and the digital 21-century avant-gardes.  

Have fun! :)



Open-source material