Undergraduate Student mentoring

General Statement: 

The student of the 21st Century uses not only technological means of communication but as well that of interconnectedness, referring as the act to connect with individuals across different disciplines and sociolinguistic spheres.

      More now than before the competence to be able to work in collaboration is an important skill. Through my student mentoring, I am able to guide my students to develop literacy in collaboration. Very specially in todays' society where the concept of rapidness and isolation becomes more evident. They, he or she is able to *dialogue* is key to progress and mutual understanding. The student that I envision is that one who takes ownership, leadership, and they, they, she or he is able to adapt to different work styles, different contexts; they, he or she is able to take criticism positively, and improve on them, but never given up. The important aspect is group support and collaboration. The climate where they, he or she situates is among collaborators that welcome reception of positivism. Politeness is a pragmatic learning that any individual should be strive when working in collaboration. Thus, this is a strong motive in my student mentoring. Excellence is take one step at a time. 

Description of Undergraduate Student Mentoring Project: 

The following projects were conceived under the umbrella of 'student mentoring.' For the Fall 2018 semester, students in the SPAN 201, 200 section will work on a digital project, "El Quijote digitalizado."

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