SPAN 201-200, Honors' Project

Fall 2019

El Quijote Digitalizado





Directed by Damián Robles

Department of Hispanic Studies

Texas A&M University


Have you ever heard of 'El Caballero de la Triste Figura' or 'El Caballero de los Leones' also commonly known as 'el hidalgo o caballero Don Quijote de la Mancha' or his non-fictional name, Alonso Quijano? What about el ocurrente, ignorante hablador y muy fiel escudero Sancho Panza? These two characters are world-known and they appear in the novel by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quijote, published in two parts, the first edition of the first part in 1605, and the first edition of second part, in 1615. Don Quijote since then has influenced the Modern thought, not only since it created a literary genre, the Modern novel, fiction, satire. Don Quijote is the story of a middle aged man that devotes his time to the reading of novels of chivalric romance, a literary genre common of the Middle Ages. But in reality, his real time frame is that of Early Modern period.



For this project, students explore the quijotesque world through *iconography — the study or interpretation of visual images and symbols.

Learning outcomes

This project aims for students...  

         (1) to have a basic understanding of both DQ's structure and content; 

         (2) to have a point of departure for students to further their reading of Don Quijote, either in               Spanish or English, although the first option is strongly encouraged :)

         (3) to analyze in depth few chapters of Don Quijote, in any language of your choice; 

         (4) to be able to synthesize using their Spanish linguistic skills in the presentational mode of

              communication, and 

         (5) by orally delivering a talk presenting their current project

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