Digital Humanities Projects

Project 1: Translation Corpus of Don Quixote.

This dh project is a collation which includes metadata of the different renderings published of El Quijote into a second language, from the first known translation, the English translation (1612-1620), to subsequent translations, e.g.: French (1614, 1618), Italian (1622), German (1648), Dutch (1657), among others. This corpus is composed mainly of the physical items of Don Quixote in translation owned by Texas A&M Universitywhich are held at The Cushing Memorial Library & Archives as part of The Eduardo Urbina Cervantes Collection. Future inquiry of this corpus will include open-access digital materials found at other libraries worldwide. 

If you would like to collaborate with me on this project, or fund part of this project, please email me at:

Project 2: A Digital gallery of Quixotes.

For this project, I will gather images & illustrations of El Quijote in a digital gallery by narrating the novel chronologically. The data will be taken from Texas A&M University's Cervantes Project, and from the rare books' material of the Texas A&M Eduardo Urbina Cervantes Collection, host at the Cushing Memorial Library:  

Key terms: visualization; iconography; re-accentuation