Research Agenda 

Research #1Forms of address in Early Translations of Don Quixote (1612-1620). I am currently collecting data by analyzing the distinctive forms of address interchanged by the characters of Don Quixote, namely, pronominal and nominal address systems. The focus of my study is on the early translations of Don Quixote (1612, 1620), in particular, into English language, by the translator, Thomas Shelton.  This is the work of Ph.D dissertation thesis, if you would like to read more about this project visit my Don Qvichote section. 

Research #2: The behavior of lexical borrowing into Spanish: The language of men and women of fashion and beauty. This project focuses on the distinctive behavior lexical borrowings play in the language of men and women in the field of fashion and beauty. It is a comparative study based on discourse analysis and a quantification of different loans' types and their sociopragmatic functions, along with metalinguistic commentaries. I am collaborating with Dr. Regina Morin (The College of New Jersey). We will present our work at the upcoming 2018's 9th International Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics, to be held in New York.