The COVID-19 Spanish Series: The Show Must Go On 
Spanish Advanced Grammar

To prevent and fight the coronavirus spreading we will move to online classes until further notice.



- What do you know about online learning?

Well, I know it’s boring and you have to be more disciplined in terms of attending lectures or streaming them at your own pace. Anyhow, that’s what we have and we will work with that. There will be challenges for both of us. But, who knows, maybe this is the beginning of future education….


- Learning a language online? Is that even possible?

To the best of my knowledge, I am very skeptical about this point. I do not believe language should be entirely taught online. Why? Because language is a live social system that requires human interaction.


- What about grammar?

Well since the focus of our course is grammar we can get away from some of the basic principles of language learning. Why? Because we can cover grammatical points through the forms of a series of lectures and you, the student, do the rest of the work independently (and this is how you should approach dissecting grammar— by focusing and reflecting on the intrinsic nature of language form as it is utilized in society and in specific contexts and registers—. Having said that, we will use the “asynchronous” way of delivering our classes (instructors prepare course content in advance and post it for student access).


- When do I have to watch the “COVID-19 Series” for Spanish grammar?

You can watch them on your own— just keep in mind that you will be graded upon each completion of the video. This might be in the form of completing an assignment, other homework exercises, or simply a follow-up question or research component of the Spanish grammar.


- Will our syllabus be revised?

NO. I do not intend to revise a syllabus or updated it. We will just change the delivery of the materials through online platforms.


- Will you change assignments and due dates?

Again, no! Everything will stay as it is in the syllabus: the short story due dates; Homework #3 and #4, Final Exam, etc. AND THE DEADLINES ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE. So please plan accordingly; no late assignments will be accepted unless there is a university authorized excuse.


- What about if we have technical difficulties?

I expect this WILL BE THE CASE because I am simply not a technological genius. I consider myself very a dinosaur using technology so please BE PATIENT. I will try to resolve any technical issue; through the help of IT and my department. So just be patient and STAY CALM. The best way for us to communicate if problems arrive are: (1) let me know; and (2) wait and be patient.


- Classes will be online for the rest of the semester?

I don’t know yet. But for the time being, we will be online. This is not a requirement for the university just yet, but this can be a learning experience for all of us as a pilot in case things get worse.


- Will you still have the same expectations for your students since this is a sudden change?

NO. I know this can be an inconvenience for all of us. So my expectations in terms of grading are not the same. I will be more leaning because I understand that a change requires an adaptation. However, that is not to say, that my expectations are not low— just as the university core values are, I expect excellence, integrity in your work. I take very seriously and absolutely care about my students, regardless if for some of you the material we covered is dry and difficult, but sometimes this happens in life, and we cannot avoid them and be negative about it. I do my best to simplify language structure, and language forms and its dynamics are absolutely important to understand the complexities of linguistic phenomena and the impact these have on the society that speaks them…. So please, continue to be diligent, implement your Aggie code, and above all, learning to love and be passionate about the material just as I am. At the end of the tunnel, you will see the light. And maybe, thank me later. :)




  • I will post videos of the lectures through YouTube channel:

  • I will assign assignments and give directions through these videos and through email.  So, please be alert to any of my emails and be diligent with your homework.


  • I will use my website as the main structure/organizer of my course, and from this platform, you will be redirected to links, materials, etc.


  • How do I find the website?: Teaching > The COVID-19 Spanish Series


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  • Our class material will still be posted in our old platforms: dropbox, E-Campus, e-mail. 

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