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SPAN 302: Advanced Grammar

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Throughout this course, students will analyze in an inductive way the different structures of the Spanish language, conceived from its most basic structures (sounds which give meaning) to its larger structures (its phrases, sentences, and larger discourse). We will encounter that language is situated in society, and therefore, we will not only review the different prescriptivist views on language; that is to say, how we "should" speak the language, but also, the descriptivist approach; how we "actually" speak in an everyday context. Language is indeed a living organism in constant change and adaptation. We will cover specific grammatical points in order to polish your academic writing as well as your speaking communication, including, reviewing the different tenses and moods (preterit/imperfect, subjunctive, etc.), general rules on ser and estar, the use of personal pronouns to denote respect, intimacy, politeness, and more.

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SPAN302 Course Syllabus Fall 2019

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SPAN 202: Intermediate Spanish ii

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The theme of this course will be "Salvar Nuestra Tierra" (Saving Our Earth). Throughout the term session, students will study and acquire an awareness of the different social and natural issues related to our Mother Earth. These topics include climate change, recycling through art, the visions of the future, and the new scientific discoveries/technologies. Students will view and analyze a selection of documentaries and movies in relation to these topics: Home (2009), Waste Land (2009), and BBC's "Nuestro Planeta en el futuro" (2018). In addition, students will report on these issues and take a stand by writing Spanish compositions and presenting an activist final group project about an area in the Spanish-speaking world.

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SPAN202 Course Syllabus


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SPAN 302: Advanced Spanish Grammar

COURSE DESCRIPTION: What is grammar? — Throughout this course students will analyze in an inductive way the structure of Spanish language, conceived from its most basic structures (sounds) to its larger structures (phrases and sentences). What is grammar will be our recurrent theme given the fact that language and society coexist. We will discover that grammar includes every aspect of language from sounds, lexicon, and other structures, which are utilized by a determinate linguistic community, in fact a living being. The Spanish language in its sonorous and colorful splendor is in constant change. We will not only study prescriptivist forms of grammar (i.e., rules of time/moods, ser vs. estar, the subjunctive, etc.) but we will also explore current descriptivist grammar, which are forms that are currently being utilized by speakers of the language.  Both sides will give us an insight regarding the underlying and surface structures of the Spanish language.

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SPAN302 Course Syllabus Spring 2019

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