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Antares was conceived to perpetuate the arts and letters of the Hispanic Humanities. First, the common interest was to show the scholarship and creative writing production of friends and members of the Department of Hispanic Studies at Texas A&M University. However, anyone beyond this universe is welcome to come in contact with our star. Antares, therefore, serves two main purposes: on the one hand, it is a literary magazine for the production of creative artifacts in the form of, but not limited to, poetry, short story, drama, novels, memes, pictures, and other products of the imagination. So, this gives the opportunity that every speaker of Spanish from different proficiency levels can all take part. Thus students, faculty, friends, and aficionados from the University and beyond are all welcome to express their Spanish language and creativity. The second purpose of Antares is to present a series of newsletters as a showcase of current, past, and future contributions and events happening at the Department of Hispanic Studies, TAMU. If you are interested in the programs offered at the Department of Hispanic Studies, visit



Antares was founded in the year 2020, and its founder and, since then, the editor-in-chief has been Damián Robles, a Ph.D. candidate in the track of Hispanic linguistics and literature from this same department. The name Antares was given by Professor of Hispanic Studies, Dr. Alessandra Luiselli. The first issue appeared in January 2021, where professors and other graduate students published their creative works.



If you would like to contribute to Antares, please contact the editor at or contact the Department of Hispanic Studies at (979) 845-2125.

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  • The next submission (Antares 1.3 2021) is Fall 2021. More information is forthcoming soon.