A digital gallery of Quixotes

This site present,  "A digital gallery of Quixotes," my capstone project for my Digital Humanities Certificate at Texas A&M University, run by the CoDHR (Center of Digital Humanities Research).  


This project aims to gather illustrated images of different Quixotes that are available both analogously and digitally. This project will  generate a digital corpus of images where future scholars can have access to them, and thus, continue to carry out the legacy of Don Quixote. This project also aims to gather a corpus of images to further research in terms of iconography. A similar project was launched in 1995 by Dr. Eduardo Urbina at Texas A&M University, "The Cervantes Project" (http://cervantes.tamu.edu/V2/CPI/index.html). This project is born in the hope to continue the work done on the digital representations of Don Quixote.


'Therefore, "A Digital Gallery of Quixotes" explores DQ's visual reaccentuation, or the idea of bringing classic themes into new perspectives (Baktin 1981; Gratvev and Mancing 2015). Cervantes' masterpiece work then accentuates in this postmodern-digital era,  through the lens of digitalization, visualization, as a way to re-accentuate this world-known legacy. 

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